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Engineered Material Handling Solutions

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Unique Qualifications
Project Experience
Project Safety
 GCI- Project Safety
GCI's primary goal of any project we are involved with is the safety of our personnel, and the customer's personnel and facility.
GCI's safety policy requires that safety comes first.
GCI's safety policy requires that all appropriate lock-outs, barricades, signs, etc. will be utilized.
GCI's personnel receive all appropriate safety training required for a project.
GCI- Job-Site Safety


GCI's personnel have a concern for their own safety as well as others.They are receptive to any special instructions which are provided, and adhere to any special requirements.


GCI prior to commencing any installation conducts safety meetings to review the scope of the installation and identify any potential hazards.

GCI- Your Job-Site Safety


GCI always welcome the observation of our personnel

at work, and encourage any comments, or corrections which will provide a safer work environment.



GCI will work closely with the project site safety personnel to develop a site specific safety plan and program.