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Engineered Material Handling Solutions

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GCI Solution Goals

GCI- Why a Solution

GCI knows that the modern economy -- with reduced workforces, the perpetual rising costs of labor, worker compensation, plants, storage space, raw materials, tools and machines are pressing issues for all companies, today and in the future.
A major cost control area often overlooked in any manufacturing operation is material handling.
Companies who have the foresight to place their emphasis on performing material handling tasks in the safest manner and with the fewest number of personnel will continue to remain competitive.


GCI- Identify Hidden Profit Drains


GCI will help identify any hidden costs and profit drains gone unnoticed for years, because a material handling program does not properly satisfy the needs of all manufacturing and associated operations.

GCI- Reduce Costs and Add Profit


GCI, with our proven and cost effective engineered material handling solutions, can reduce or eliminate many of your hidden material handling costs - the benefit is realized savings that equals added profit.